Inspiring and Affordable Home Improvement Projects for Empty Nesters

Your children have moved out and your home is finally yours to do whatever you want with it. This is the perfect time to start thinking about improvements that will transform your home into a place that fits you a little better. Fortunately, you don’t need a big budget to spruce up your home! Get creative with rewarding DIY projects that will add value to your house and life. Here are some fun and affordable ideas to inspire your own home projects.


Upgrades that Increase Your Home’s Value


Are you considering selling your home in the near future? If so, think about your home value as you start making upgrades. To increase your home’s appraisal value, Redfin recommends focusing on low-cost upgrades that have a significant return on investment, like adding fresh paint to the walls and updating your exterior. Hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops can also add value to your home. If you’re willing to make a few pricier upgrades, consider investing in these high-end materials for your improvement projects.


Transform Empty Rooms on a Budget


There are numerous fun things you can do with your kids’ empty rooms. You could transform a bedroom into a home gym, yoga sanctuary, study, crafting room, guest suite, or anything else you can imagine! To save money on redecorating these empty spaces, shop around for deals and take advantage of special promos. For example, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond offer a range of home décor items, such as wall art, for any budget. Grab some Bed Bath & Beyond coupons before shopping to stretch your dollar a little further.


Turn Your Living Room into a Couple’s Lounge


Now that your kids are out of the house, you can finally reclaim your living room. Turn this area into an inviting couple’s lounge by redecorating in your own style. If you’re going for luxury, choose plush textiles and oversized art. According to Décor Aid, you don’t have to empty your wallet to design a luxurious living room; hunt for second hand vintage pieces at flea markets and thrift stores to save money. You can also use light layering as an affordable way to enhance the ambiance of your living room.


Reimagine Your Kitchen


As your children were growing up, your kitchen served as a functional space where countless meals were made and dishes were washed. Now that you’re no longer cooking for a crowd, consider giving your kitchen a new purpose. A kitchen island with a raised countertop is excellent for entertaining guests. If you’re on a budget, focus on low-cost updates that will make your kitchen a cheerful and welcoming focal point in any social gathering. House & Home recommends redesigning your kitchen by repainting your cabinets and accenting with a bold backsplash. Try to incorporate statement accents like a matte black faucet or polished chrome cabinet hardware. It’s surprising just how these affordable projects can transform a kitchen!


Design an Elegant Spa Bathroom


The bathroom is another functional room that can benefit from a few affordable improvement projects. Turning your bathroom into a personal spa is easier than you may think! Start by decluttering the bathroom. Toss all of those expired medications, get rid of any products that you never use, and buy cheap tray organizers to keep all your everyday items in their proper place.


Once your spa space is clean and organized, make a few budget-friendly upgrades. Purchase fluffy bath towels, install a massage showerhead, and hang a wall-to-wall mirror. Use apothecary jars for holding bars of soap, cotton balls, and loofahs. You may also want to add a few live plants and scented candles to tie the room together.


As a new empty-nester, this is your chance to make the practical and indulgent home upgrades you’ve always dreamed of. As you think about what you want to do with your home, try to focus on your personal preferences and get creative with your DIY projects. Surround yourself with objects and design features that you love!

Ray Flynn |