Large Format Tiles

What Are Large Format Tiles? 

Tiles are considered large format when one edge is 15 inches or longer. Technological advancements in tile manufacturing have created very large tiles. Currently the largest tile we carry at Tile Direct is 60"x120" which is the size of most quartz counter top slabs! The most common large format sizes are 18x36, 24x24, 30x30, and 24x48, but large format tiles come in many different sizes.


Why Large Format?

Using large format tiles creates a seamless look for your floor or wall displaying more of the beautiful tile and less grout joints. Less grout joints means less cleaning and less breaks in the tile pattern. When large format tiles are properly positioned in a room they enlarge the space making it feel even bigger than it actually is!

Where Can I Use Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles are primarily made of porcelain, meaning they can be used in both interior and exterior floor and wall applications. Specially designed large format tiles can be used in exterior applications while providing superior grip in wet and dry conditions. High gloss large format tiles can be used in interior wall and floor applications. Large format tiles are becoming popular options for shower walls to create a seamless look with very little need for grout joints.

Cornerstone Slate Multicolor 60x120 Amb Living.jpg

Are Large Format Tiles Harder To Install?

In summary, yes, but qualified tile installers are becoming a lot more familiar with how to install large format tiles thanks to advancements in setting materials and tools. Since the tiles are larger it is increasingly important to use a back buttering method when installing large format tiles. For more information on back buttering, please reference our glossary page. Due to the increased weight of the larger tiles it is also important to use the proper thinset when installing large format tiles. Please reference our setting materials page for more details. 

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Are Large Format Tiles For You?

Large format tiles are a great flooring option for open spaces and showers. 16x32, 18x36, and 24x48 are great options for shower walls and 30x30, 32x32, and 24x48 are great for big open areas. As long as you are looking for something different and have a great installer, large format tiles are a great flooring option.