After selecting your shower walls it is important to select a coordinating material for your shower pan. It is important to consider traction, look, and ability to create a slope for drainage. Many of our floor and wall tiles come in mosaics, which are perfect for shower floors. Mosaics are created by cutting the field tile into smaller pieces and mounting them to a mesh. This allows for more traction and the ability to create a slope into the drain.

Your shower pan material can either match your wall tile or beautifully contrast it to create a design element. Mosaic versions of your wall tile can match the floor to the wall to create a seamless transition between the floor and the wall. Since many tile series have different colors, a darker or lighter version of that same series can be used on the floor to create a contrasting color while still maintaining the same style.


Mosaic cuts of porcelain and ceramic tiles aren't the only options for shower floors. We offer natural stone, such as travertine and marble that can also be used as a shower floor. Tumbled stone is a great option for shower floors due to its soft feel on the feet and superior traction in wet areas. 

Sliced pebbles can also be used for shower floors to create a zen spa like decor for your shower floor. Pebbles can easily be sloped for superior drainage and traction. Since sliced pebbles need considerably more grout than mosaic cuts of porcelain tile, it is critical to used a sealed grout



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A beautiful drain completes your shower floor. There are two types of drains that can be used for shower floors, linear, and square/round drains. Square/round drains typically sit in the center of the shower floor. When using this type of drain you slope your shower floor to the middle of the shower. Linear drains can be placed on the perimeter of your shower. When using a linear drain, shower floors can be sloped in one direction. Sloping in one direction has many benefits. Larger tiles can be used if a linear drain is used and you can even create a shower without a dam to create a cleaner look. Showers without a dam are great for wheelchair access and blending your bathroom floor with your shower floor. 

Tile in drains are available in both square drains and linear drains. Using a tile in drain allows for the drain to disappear into the floor while still providing adequate drainage for your shower. These drains are a great option if you do not want to see a stainless steel grate on your shower floor. 

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